LGWM is using the feedback we have received and our ongoing technical work to develop and agree a Recommended Programme of Investment (RPI) for Wellington’s urban development and transport future.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the Wellington region and it’s important we get things right. We are taking some time to define and agree the RPI with our partner organisations, and we are doing further work on a number of the programme’s elements.

LGWM wants to ensure our partners, and the government, can support our recommended programme and move forward together.

The LGWM Governance Group is currently engaging with central government, and is targeting to approve the recommended programme for release in October.

The Recommended Programme of Investment (RPI)

The RPI will lay out LGWM’s approach for Wellington’s transport over the next decade or more. It will support the city and region’s growth and help people get around whether you’re walking, cycling, using public transport, or driving.

The RPI will be a high-level plan that represents the best information we have at this time. Don’t expect to see detailed plans or drawings.

It will include recommendations for further work. Detailed investigation, design, engagement, and consenting is still to be done. This work will be substantial, particularly for the larger and more complex improvements in the RPI. 

The RPI will include:

  •  A list of transport improvements, including suggestions for more detailed investigation and design work
  •  Maps showing the approximate locations or the key improvements
  •  Urban development and planning changes that will be needed to enable and make the most of the transport   improvements
  •  Sequencing of the key improvements
  •  Estimated costs and impacts

You can read more information about the engagement process and RPI in our revised June update